Group Coaching

Group coaching is a fun and cost effective way to enhance your experience, stay accountable and optimise your health with like-minded people!

A supportive and welcoming environment

Our small group exercise classes are a wonderful way to RECONNECT, REBUILD and REFINE while also enjoying the company of other like-minded people.

Regardless of whether you have an active history, or are just starting out, our group programs are a great way to improve your health and well-being.

Choose below from our 6 Week Core Connection Class to improve your core awareness and strength, or our 10 Week PH360 Challenge for a truely holistic approach to personalised health!

Core connection Class

Are you a mum who’s ready to get back into exercise, but nervous about where and how to begin? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our 6 week, Core Connection Class.

Whether you’re a new mother of one, or an experienced mother of many, we’ve designed this program to be the first step in your postnatal exercise journey

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During pregnancy, the physical changes can often leave you with niggley aches and pains from changes in your posture and muscle balance, as well as feeling mentally disconnected from your body.

This program addresses many of the common changes to core strength and posture throughout pregnancy and childbirth so you can feel empowered as a fit and healthy role model!

Over the course of 6 weeks, we’ll help you;
– RECONNECT with your body through breath and core awareness exercises.
– REBUILD your strength and confidence with progressive core conditioning and functional mobility training.
– REFINE your movements with mindful and intentional postnatal exercise training.

We currently run this program 4 times a year, and spaces are limited to 6 participants so we can provide focused attention and support.

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Take the next step to a healthier, happier yoU

10 Week Ph360 Challenge

How would your life improve if you had a user manual for your body?

We are all unique, as such we all have different requirements when it comes to nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. No one protocol is right for everyone. Some people respond really well to a high protein diet and bootcamp style workouts in the early morning, for others, this will add excess stress and cause inflammation and burn out.

Join our 10 Week PH360 Challenge to understand YOUR unique biology and how to provide the right foods and exercise to optimise your health!

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There’s more to health than diet and exercise!

PH360™ uses anthropometry (scientific assessment of your body’s measurements), family history, and assessment of your lifestyle and environment to determine your phenotypical profile, or HealthType – Essentially a snap-shot of how your genetic blueprint has responded to make you who you are today. Once we understand your HealthType, PH360 app (Shae), will provide personalised health recommendations drawn from predictive, preventative personalised health science, giving you up to date practical health advice.

Over the 10 weeks, we’ll show you how to use PH360 and Shae as well as troubleshooting challenges and finding opportunities to support your unique biology. You’ll also learn about your personal chronobiology (your body’s natural rhythms), how to optimise your environment, nutrition, exercise, work and even your relationships, and become confident in your unique strengths and how they differ from everyone else.

This is a truely HOLISTIC approach to improving your health over the long term. This is a great way to RECONNECT, REBUILD and REFINE your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health for improved energy and vitality as you move through life!

What’s included:
– Weekly group coaching sessions (See event details below for days and times)
– Free access to PH360/Shae
– Bonus exercise and lifestyle resources

Total Price = $390*
*$39 deposit on booking, then 9 weekly payments during your challenge

Optimise your health with our 10 week PH360 Challenge!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are there in each group program?

We keep our group classes small so that we can ensure each individual gets proper time and attention. For example, we keep each Core Connection Class cohort to a limit of 6 participants as many of the exercises require attention to detail in their execution.

Can anyone join a Core Connection Class?

Our Core Connection Class addresses many of the common muscle imbalances that affect mothers. If you are a mother, regardless of how old your children are, then get in touch to find out if this class is right for you!

What is the commitment for the Core Connection Class

Our Core Connection Class runs weekly for 1 hour, over 6 weeks. You can choose the class that best suits your schedule. There are also simple exercises for you to do in your own time in between class sessions.

Can I bring my baby or child with me?

Some CCC’s are baby friendly. However, for the most part, our goal is that you and the other mothers in the class have time that’s dedicated to yourself!  


Check out the timetable to see which Class is right for you and please only bring your child to the classes that are marked Kid-Friendly.

I am very lucky to have been referred to Pelvic Pro. After years of struggling with the aftermath of endo surgery and trying different health professionals, this is the one place that made me see substantial progress. Tom is highly knowledgeable, professional and humane in his approach. He is constantly listening and adjusting to craft a wellness journey that suits me, my life and my goals. I also have a rather complex back surgery and I have experienced wonderful results here. Having gone through many different wellness methods and systems in NZ and overseas, I can confidently say it is unusual to find a professional that offers such a rich range of quality resources.

Thank you Tom for your dedication and your commitment. I look forward to continuing our work together!

Diana Pascual