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Whether your starting your postnatal exercise journey, or wanting to understand how to align your diet and lifestyle with your unique biology, check out our our upcoming events, workshops and programs below.


In this workshop, we will deep dive into the squat movement pattern. Helping you understand the physical benefits as well as improving your technique so you can feel STRONG & CONFIDENT in one of the main primal pattern movements we do EVERY DAY!


Most exercise programs do not achieve results because they are not designed well. Exercise selection must meet the needs and capability of the person, and sets, reps, tempo and rest periods need to be challenging while allowing time for recovery.

If you are using an app or following a cookie-cutter program, chances are low that you will make the progress you want to because it’s not taking into account YOUR needs.

In this workshop we will give you the tools needed to create a successful exercise program that fits your schedule, training level and sets you up for success in the future!