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Our team of holistic health coaches will support you in identifying your core values and how they align with your health goals.

Gain clarity and confidence!

We understand that it can be difficult knowing where to begin, or how to “get back” to feeling yourself again postpartum. The fact is, we can never go back. We can only go forward.

This means that the things that used to work in the past, may not work now and so we get to find a new approach that is aligned with our new life and vision.

Free movement consultation

Perfect for those wanting a taste of what we offer before you commit!

Small Group Coaching

A wonderful way for mothers to RECONNECT, REBUILD and REFINE while also enjoying the company of other like-minded individuals.

Workshops and Seminars

Gain valuable knowledge and insights into a wide range of topics related to health, personal development, and self-care.

Unsure where to start?

Free Movement Consultation

free for up to 3 people

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Movement Coaching Session

one-off payment $150

“Tom from Pelvic PRO is an incredibly experienced personal trainer, who treats the whole person to get outstanding results. Although Tom helps people from all backgrounds and lifestyles, he has a particular passion for helping women navigate their postpartum journey (whether they are weeks or years after giving birth). Tom is approachable, energetic and works alongside other providers, to ensure a holistic approach is achieved for all his clients.”

Jennifer Dutton – pelvic health physiotherapist