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Here to help you RECONNECT your mind, body and spirit; REBUILD your strength and confidence; and REFINE YOUR APPROACH as you move through life!


 As the foundation of our spine, and a nexus point of energies, the integrity of the pelvis is critical in ensuring all the muscles and joints of our body are able to work together to maintain optimal posture and create efficient and stable movement.

A marvel of evolutionary adaptation, combining structural versatility, reproductive functionality, and biomechanical efficiency. It’s the cradle of life; the portal which we must travel through to experience life and is uniquely adapted for us to move through life! 

The pelvis plays a multifaceted role in the body, serving as a foundation for movement, supporting internal organs, maintaining posture and alignment, facilitating childbirth, and even influencing emotional and energetic well-being. As such, prioritising alignment, mobility, stability and strength of the pelvis, is essential in laying the foundations for optimal health and vitality of mind, body and spirit.

At Pelvic Pro, we understand that true health is about more than just our physical body, which is why we recognise the need to take a holistic approach to health. One that embraces the complexity of human experience and seeks to nurture wellness at every level—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual —promoting a state of happiness through balance, vitality, and wholeness.

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that a happy, healthy pelvis makes a happy, healthy person!

We are here to help you RECONNECT your mind, body and spirit, REBUILD your strength and confidence, and REFINE your approach as you move through life!



At Pelvic Pro, community is at the heart of everything we do. We actively support local organizations, community groups, and charitable initiatives that promote health and well-being. We provide a safe space where individuals can form healthy relationships with themselves and others, hosting events that empower people to take ownership of their health and inspire others to do the same.


Courage is the cornerstone of our approach at Pelvic Pro. We understand that growth and discovery often come with challenges and discomfort. That’s why we support our clients with unwavering courage and compassion as they navigate their journey. We fearlessly challenge the status quo, hold true to our mission, and provide a safe space for our clients to grow and thrive. We lead by example, showing what’s possible and empowering others to embrace change with courage and confidence.


At Pelvic Pro, intention guides everything we do. We help our clients clarify their dreams and goals, providing them with the direction and motivation needed to achieve their vision of health and well-being. By understanding the why behind their actions, our clients can make intentional choices that align with their deepest desires and aspirations, leading to lasting transformation and fulfillment.


Respect is fundamental to our approach at Pelvic Pro. We honor and respect the autonomy, dignity, and uniqueness of each individual we serve. We meet our clients where they are without judgment, providing a supportive and inclusive environment for growth and healing. Through our holistic approach, we help our clients reconnect with their bodies, rebuild their strength and confidence, and refine their movement and lifestyle habits, fostering self-confidence and self-respect.

How can we help you?

Personal Coaching

Private, 1 on 1 coaching tailored to your needs

Group Coaching

Uplevel your enjoyment and accountability in our group coaching programs

Prenatal, Postnatal and Menopause

Our team are experienced in helping women transition through all stages of life with strength and confidence!

Other Services

Corporate Health Program

Improve your company culture and productivity with our 10 Week Program.

Massage Therapy

Enhance your movement and performance, reduce pain and stress.

Workshops and Seminars

Practical knowledge and tools you can apply immediately to improve your well being!

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At Pelvic Pro, we believe in addressing the whole person – body, mind, and spirit.

Our team of experienced holistic health and corrective exercise coaches offer personalized 12-week packages to support you with;

Personalised Guidance:

Tailored support based on your unique needs, goals, and circumstances. We take into account your individual preferences, challenges, and motivations, ensuring that the strategies implemented are both effective and sustainable.

Accountability and Support:

Knowing that someone is by your side to monitor your progress, offer encouragement, celebrate your successes, provide feedback and perspective shifts to help you through challenges can help you stay committed to your health journey, even when faced with obstacles or setbacks.

Expertise and Knowledge:

Our experienced coaches possess specialized knowledge and expertise to provide tailored health recommendations, strategies, and techniques to optimize your health outcomes.

Holistic Approach:

Unlike conventional approaches that may focus solely on one aspect of health, such as diet or exercise, we take a holistic approach. We consider the interconnectedness of various factors influencing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health to positively impact your overall well-BEING.

Long-Term Success:

By working with us one-on-one, you’ll gain the skills, knowledge, and habits necessary for long-term success. Rather than relying on short-term fixes or fad diets, you develop sustainable lifestyle changes that support ongoing health and well-being.

Pelvic Pro
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Hannah BaynesHannah Baynes
10:45 15 Sep 23
After having my daughter, investing in my pelvic health before returning to exercise was a non-negotiable for me. Throughout the 6 weeks together, Tom made me feel strong and empowered, and I was never forced to do anything I knew my body wasn’t ready for or I didn’t feel comfortable doing. Tom’s knowledge of the postpartum body/anatomy and its relation to exercise is completely unmatched and his sessions have given me the confidence to start my postpartum exercise journey.
Jennifer DuttonJennifer Dutton
00:37 11 Sep 23
Tom from Pelvic PRO is an incredibly experienced personal trainer, who treats the whole person to get outstanding results. Although Tom helps people from all backgrounds and lifestyles, he has a particular passion for helping women navigate their postpartum journey (whether they are weeks or years after giving birth). Tom is approachable, energetic and works alongside other providers, to ensure a holistic approach is achieved for all his clients. Jennifer Dutton - pelvic health physiotherapist
Tom is very knowledgeable. He focuses on posture which was very important to me, while also developing my strength and weight skills. Tom is very compassionate and caring as well.
Diana PascualDiana Pascual
02:31 06 Sep 23
I am very lucky to have been referred to Pelvic Pro. After years of struggling with the aftermath of endo surgery and trying different health professionals, this is the one place that made me see substantial progress. Tom is highly knowledgeable, professional and humane in his approach. He is constantly listening and adjusting to craft a wellness journey that suits me, my life and my goals. I also have a rather complex back surgery and I have experienced wonderful results here. Having gone through many different wellness methods and systems in NZ and overseas, I can confidently say it is unusual to find a professional that offers such a rich range of quality resources. Thank you Tom for your dedication and your commitment. I look forward to continuing our work together!